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oil boiler serviceOil Boiler Servicing

To ensure the efficiency of your oil boiler it is vital to have it regularly serviced. For Kerosene (sometimes called Class C2 or 28 Sec) it should usually be serviced every 12 months. If you are using Gas Oil then your boiler should be serviced every 6 months.

The good news is that a well maintained and regularly serviced oil boiler cost much less to run than Solid fuel, Economy 7 or LPG Propane.

When you arrange to have your boiler service, make sure your technician fully services your boiler - we adhere to OFTEC's stringent standards and provide you with a written report and combustion analysis.

Our oil boiler service conforms to OFTEC Standards and includes:  

• Remove baffles & clean combustion chamber & heat exchanger
• Replace oil nozzle with new nozzle as per manufacturers specification 
• Oil pump pressure checked and adjusted 
• Cleaning of photo cell and check operation 
• Check condition of electrodes, clean & re set correctly 
• Inspection of oil lines & cleaning of oil filters 
• Check operation of fire valves 
• Inspection & clean of fan and motor 
• Examination of joints and flue pipes 
• Inspection and cleaning of secondary exchanger (condensing appliances only) 
• Inspection of condensate discharge pipe (condensing appliances only) 
• Smoke testing to identify cleanliness of combustion 
• Full electronic combustion and analysis check and adjustment to gain optimum boiler efficiency (print out included) 
• Completion of the OFTEC CD/11 service report form
It does not include any additional repairs or parts unless listed above    
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